Friday, May 25, 2018

#INTA2018 SEATTLE: #Donuts and #Trademarks

#INTA2018 in Seattle, WA, was not just about #Trademarks and #MCLE credits and #Meetings with associates/clients. It was also an opportunity to conduct R&D on Donut Trademarks...

Friday, May 18:

After a mid day visit to #MOPOP (aka, the Museum of Popular Culture) at the Seattle Center... my next stop was TOP POT DOUGHNUTS®, which also happens to be a U.S. Federally registered service mark:

The classic Glazed Ring Donut with a cup of coffee below...

*** Trademarks include:

TOP POT®, in Class #30 for Bakery goods; coffee; tea; pastry; doughnuts.

TOP POT HAND FORGED DOUGHNUTS® (stylized) in bakery goods, coffee, doughnuts, pasty [, and tea]. 

Saturday, May 19:

The next morning on my way to the Convention Center from my hotel, I "just happened" along famed Seattle Donutery, MIGHTY-O DONUTS®...  The #sustainable #organic choice in donuts in Seattle!... and it is also registered with the USPTO.

The choice in donut below is the Award winning as best donut in Seattle, the Nutty French Toast!...

Sunday, May 20:

Sunday morning I stopped by again but this time I wore a vintage felt hat that I bought at a resale shop in downtown Seattle the previous evening...  Sorry, no label inside this beautiful hat so the jury is out on the brand name and trademark...

Donut:  Chocolate/Peanut Butter, below:

Monday, May 21:

Another nutty French Toast donut this morning... because it was so good!

*** Trademarks Include:

MIGHTY-O DONUTS® (stylized) in Class #21 for mugs and Class #35 for retail store services featuring organic donuts, coffee, mugs and t-shirts.


That evening, as an aside, I was asked if I would like Fries with my pizza at the E-Trademarks ListServ Reception... to which I responded, Why Yes, Thanks!...

Tuesday, May 22:

Chocolate Peanut and Chocolate Glaze and Chocolate Filling... along with a Mighty-O Donuts sticker and a cameo featuring some INTA swag in the form of a handy coin purse promoting the UNREAL campaign which focuses attention on #counterfeiting...

Wed., May 23:

The final day of #INTA2018... begins in the morning, once again, at MIGHTY-O DONUTS®:

Today, I tried something new as it was the last day... so I ordered the JELLY-O, a classic jelly donut filled with raspberry jelly.

Later that day in the afternoon after lunch and before the Grand Finale event at the Space Needle, I had to stop by again to the Holy Grail of Seattle Donuts, namely, TOP POT DOUGHNUTS®:


Six additional pounds later, there will be no more donuts had by the undersigned until the First Friday in June... which is, of course, National Donut Day...

Respectfully submitted,

William E. Maguire
Santa Monica, Calif.

***   ***   ***