Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Jury in the lawsuit above awarded Mattel $100 Million in damages yesterday in U.S. Federal District Court in Riverside, Calif. These damages were awarded against MGA, the maker of the Bratz line of dolls, for copyright infringement and contract interference.

Readers of this Blog will recall our earlier posted article dated July 18, 2008 wherein we discussed the liability phase of this lawsuit under the heading, "A BLACK SPIRAL NOTEBOOK".

The $100M verdict is significantly less than the $1.8 Billion that Mattel had been seeking, but Mattel's counsel has reportedly indicated that its client will be seeking an injunction against MGA prohibiting MGA from producing the Bratz line of dolls. Such an injunction certainly would portend doom for MGA since Bratz is their bread and butter.

Time will tell how this will all play out with an Appeal almost certain to follow. This case is cited as Bryant v. Mattel, CV04-9049 (C.D. Cal., filed 2004)

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