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2009: Friday, July 24, 2009

The San Diego Comic-Con in ON ! July 23, - 26, 2009.

Already word is out that Preview Nite, last nite, Wed., July 22, was waaay toooo crowded !
As many people as the Con hosts on fridays. It's business as usual, though, with reports of the G4 film crew setting up at the DC booth last nite.

2009 Comments, ongoing.....

a. One friend reports that he saw an interview on the news with some people camped out all night for Comic Con, basically to get in and get some free toys.

b. And Jim Chadwick reports, "today's forecast for the San Diego Convention Center area: more of the same; hot and muggy. Humidity at 6:30 AM stands at 89%. Depending on what site you check, it's either going to be partly cloudy or sunny, High of about 78, low of 69."

In any case, in this blog post we are going to share some photos of COMIC-CON past and present because only photographs and comment can even partially capture this event. Please consider this blog post a work in progress as we will be updating it as this year's CON unfolds
in all its glory and revelry and surprises.

Dateline: Saturday, July 25, 2009 (Day Three):

Da Jammies (check out this new kids cartoon show at:

The Cast and Crew of Da Jammies at conclusion of their panel at Comic-Con '09:

Dateline: Friday, July 24, 2009 (Day Two):

Dateline: July 23, 2009 and just in courtesy of Asako Suzuki. Nice kicks, Asako ! Asako's footwear of choice by Converse.




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