Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thou Shalt Share Photos!

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Interesting, provocative and apologies...

Spectacular and revealing article by Huffington Post writer, Bianca Bosker, posted last night, Jan. 30, 2013.

All those photos that are shared around the globe on the web..... they are very valuable, esp. to advertisers and the companies that host our favorite social media websites, e.g.., Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Below we have included the link to the story itself which is a "must read", as well as a couple of excerpts to foster a dialogue on what continues to stir up issues of copyright, privacy, permissions, media rights, etc.


By Bianca Bosker
Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Why Facebook Is So Desperate For Your Photos


Bottom Line:  "Every photo, Vine or video you post makes it easier for an advertiser to slip theirs in, too."

"'Thou shalt share photos' could well be the first commandment of social media. According to Buddy Media, a Facebook post with a photo will earn 39 percent more interaction than the average post, and tweets that link to images see twice as much engagement as those without pictures."

"For the past year, all the major social media services have taken part in a never-ending spree of makeovers aimed at enticing users to hand over their photos, from filters and camera apps, to photo-heavy profiles and bigger pictures. The explanation for the photo frenzy has centered around the simple fact that people like to look at pictures. So, as people share more of their snapshots, the platform becomes a stickier place." (emphasis added)


Comments & Conclusions:

Interesting, yes.  Why? Because so many people "like to look at pictures."

Provocative?  Absolutely. Why?  Because of the myriad of issues such photo sharing creates, esp. privacy concerns, copyright ownership and social media company - advertiser manipulation and exploitation.

Apologies... perhaps, because as the article indicates, every photo we share makes it easier for advertisers to immerse their content into the mix.  In other words, mea culpa...


William E. Maguire, Esq.
Santa Monica, Calif.

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*** This blog post is not intended as legal advice or to replace the subject article referenced but is merely a commentary which aims to facilitate the fair use principles and foster a dialogue on the issues at hand.  We added the photos, well, er, just because..... we like to share photos too.


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