Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trademarks on the beach... in Santa Monica!.....

Dateline: Thursday morning, August 10, 2017, breakfast with mom at Perry's at the Beach at 2400 Ocean Front Walk in Santa Monica, Calif...

If you are fortunate enough to have a chance to have breakfast here you are in for a real treat. Wear sandals because they pile sand under the tables.  You will literally have a chance to observe trademarks in the sun, sand and surf too!...

See for yourself in the following photos.....

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Panning the Beach Crowd at Perry's and beyond: The Video

Bicycles, beach chairs, surfboards, volleyballs, sandals, sunglasses, beach towels, bikinis, board shorts, t-shirts, hats...  A veritable potpourri of products that cater to the beach culture that is Southern California.  Companies that sell products in this category are smart if they maximize their protection by securing trademark registrations for their brand names.

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