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WWII Era Goodyear Logo and Trademark Solves Mystery...

Here's a Great Story !... and it mentions a world famous trademark to boot!

World War II hobbyist solves a family's decades-old mystery



Soon, villager Veline Wesley shouted out that she had found a piece of metal — a 4-foot section of wing strut — with the Goodyear symbol stamped on it.



(a)  what the missing aircraft looked like


(b)  A screen grab of the Pacific Wrecks website that led three women to find what happened to their uncle in WWII.

(note:  screen grab photo of downed aircraft below is not the Corsair at issue).

( Source: PacificWrecks.org )

(c)   Additional story posted by NBCLosAngeles.com

Nieces' Search for Their Uncle's WWII Plane Wreckage Takes Them Around the World



Most corsairs were built by Vought, but Lt. Mike Zanger flew a plane built by Goodyear. They needed to find the Goodyear stamp. Hanigan said it was grueling and precise work.

“We were looking for a very small stamp that was smaller than a dime,” she said.

One of the local women came over and asked Hanigan’s sister to draw the logo – it was a capital “G” with a smaller capital “A” inside of it. (emphasis added)

(d)   Wikipedia article on the F4U Corsair:



Stay tuned as we are continuing to research this issue in the hopes that we can locate a drawing or a photograph of the specific "G" logo or trademark that was found on the downed aircraft mentioned above.

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