Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kogi BBQ vs. Bull Kogi: I'm Confused!

(Image source:; Kogi trademark registration)

I'm confused! Are you?

Kogi BBQ has been around in Los Angeles for several years now as one of the phenom food trucks that cater to foodies in Southern California. The graphics, logo, color scheme (black, yellow, red) is very conspicuous. See the photo, above, for example, of the Kogi BBQ logo (from their U.S. Federal trademark registration), as well as three photos below of one of the Kogi BBQ trucks on location in early May 2011 in W.L.A., taken by the undersigned admitted fan of Kogi BBQ.

And then this morning as I was hopping about Twitter, I noticed a Bull Kogi twitter page which featured a food truck with the name Bull Kogi in upper and lower case lettering and featuring a color scheme of black, yellow and red.

(Image source: Bull Kogi twitter page)

(Image source:, Bull Kogi page)

Coincidence? What do you think?

We will be updating this blog post with further remarks, so please stay tuned.

*** Update #!; the w.l.a. Kogi BBQ truck set up as usual this afternoon on w. olympic & butler and had a steady stream of customers even as late as 2 pm. The "Voice of America" had a camerawomen even interviewing customers... including the undersigned who raved of Kogi BBQ's chicken tacos, sliders and quesadillas, esp. the sauces and spices... gonna have to look out for that interview when it breaks thru on public television..... Here are some additional photos from this afternoon's Kogi truck venue and set up in w.l.a.


Until next time.....

Will Maguire
Los Angeles, CA

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