Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WWII Era Goodyear Logo and Trademark Solves Mystery...

Here's a Great Story !... and it mentions a world famous trademark to boot!

World War II hobbyist solves a family's decades-old mystery



Soon, villager Veline Wesley shouted out that she had found a piece of metal — a 4-foot section of wing strut — with the Goodyear symbol stamped on it.



(a)  what the missing aircraft looked like


(b)  A screen grab of the Pacific Wrecks website that led three women to find what happened to their uncle in WWII.

(note:  screen grab photo of downed aircraft below is not the Corsair at issue).

( Source: PacificWrecks.org )

(c)   Additional story posted by NBCLosAngeles.com

Nieces' Search for Their Uncle's WWII Plane Wreckage Takes Them Around the World



Most corsairs were built by Vought, but Lt. Mike Zanger flew a plane built by Goodyear. They needed to find the Goodyear stamp. Hanigan said it was grueling and precise work.

“We were looking for a very small stamp that was smaller than a dime,” she said.

One of the local women came over and asked Hanigan’s sister to draw the logo – it was a capital “G” with a smaller capital “A” inside of it. (emphasis added)

(d)   Wikipedia article on the F4U Corsair:



Stay tuned as we are continuing to research this issue in the hopes that we can locate a drawing or a photograph of the specific "G" logo or trademark that was found on the downed aircraft mentioned above.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

THE MEN IN BLACK: From Comic Book To Feature Film

A trademark program that began in 1992 is described in the linked story below and is especially relevant with the third film in the MIB series being released across the nation yesterday, May 25, 2012, as shown in the photo below featuring a large billboard advertisement in West Los Angeles.

(Photo by & Copyr. Will Maguire 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

THE MEN IN BLACK: From Comic Book To Feature Film:


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Monday, May 14, 2012

"Five Guys"... The Trademark...

"Five Guys"... The Trademark...

or more properly said, the service mark.  Just before leaving for this year's Annual Meeting of the Intl. Trademark Assn. (INTA), we posted about the In-n-Out Burger trademark.  Then we arrived in Wash. D.C. and spied a "Five Guys" burger location in Dupont Circle. Having heard the hype, we were duty bound to check it out.  The Five Guys Cheeseburger does not disappoint. It is Exceptional!  They don't make shakes, though...  just sayin'...

In any event, for the trademark - service mark curious, here is the (abbreviated) USPTO "TESS" record for the FIVE GUYS service mark:

Goods and Services IC 042: Restaurant Services. FIRST USE: 19860226. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19860226
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number 76316757
Filing Date September 24, 2001
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition March 12, 2002
Registration Number 2576160
Registration Date June 4, 2002


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Friday, May 04, 2012

Double-Double® ... The Trademark

"Full Disclosure":  This article is written for the fair use purpose of briefly discussing the trademark significance of the "Double-Double" trademark registration owned by IN-N-OUT Burgers Corp., the beloved independent burger chain that started in Southern California.


Below is a photo taken by the undersigned this past February at the very first In 'n Out Burger in Buena Park, Calif, just off the I-10 Freeway on the way back from Big Bear from a day of skiing (on a Thursday after some fresh snow fell...)

The packaging for the famous "Double-Double®" trademark:

note: the above packaging is identical to the specimen on file at the TTAB which was submitted by IN-N-OUT's counsel.  

Below, a photo of the official training facility for IN-N-OUT Burger employees, loftily and cheerfully called "IN-N-OUT UNIVERSITY", and which is right next door to their original store in Buena Park, which one customer calls the "mother ship".

Trademark Registration (USPTO "TESS" Record):

Goods and Services    IC 030. US 046. G & S: A sandwich, namely, a burger the principal ingredients of which are two meat patties and two slices of cheese. FIRST USE: 19631231. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19631231
Standard Characters Claimed   
Mark Drawing Code    (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK
Trademark Search Facility Classification Code    NOTATION-SYMBOLS Notation Symbols such as Non-Latin characters,punctuation and mathematical signs,zodiac signs,prescription marks
Serial Number    77515377
Filing Date    July 6, 2008
Current Basis    1A
Original Filing Basis    1A
Published for Opposition     November 25, 2008
Registration Number    3572485
Registration Date    February 10, 2009
Owner    (REGISTRANT) In-N-Out Burgers CORPORATION CALIFORNIA 10th Floor 4199 Campus Dr. Irvine CALIFORNIA 92612
Attorney of Record    Edward O. Ansell
Prior Registrations    1002370;1165723;2109126;AND OTHERS
Type of Mark    TRADEMARK
Register    PRINCIPAL
Live/Dead Indicator    LIVE


We hope you have enjoyed this article and for those of you near an In-N-Out Burger we anticipate you will be heading there directly!

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