Friday, January 17, 2014

Out and about.....

Friday morning around 10 a.m.....  70 degrees Fahrenheit at the beach and 77 degrees up at Wilshire and 16th St. a few minutes later..... It's going to be another warm day in Southern California.

Lots of trademarks out and about on our way to the office... have a look below...

Bicycles are trademarks that can be registered in International Class #12
These ladies are wearing footwear that can be registered as trademarks in Intl. Class #25
This pedestrian above PCH is wearing a hat that is also in Class #25
Helmets are in Class #9, backpacks are in Class #18, and motorcycles are in Class #12
STAPLES®... retail services in Class #35
Car gas cap,... how about Class #12
Wax On Wax Off...   :-)

note:  Fire Trucks are in Class#9, but "Fire and rescue vehicle in the nature of a truck for carrying an on-board electrical generator" are in Class #12
Lots of construction going on at 6th and Broadway in Santa Monica...

note: Building construction services are registrable in Class 37
Corvette, Class #12
Trademarks can be registered here... at my office.

note:  Legal services are currently registrable in Class#45.  For example, TMESQ®, is registered for legal services, although at the time of registration of this mark legal services were in Class #42.

Do you have questions about trademarks?  Have a look at the articles posted on our website (please see the link below).  We offer full service in terms of trademark selection, clearance and registration.  

We won't abandon you after preparing your trademark documents like the notoriously cheap online trademark filing services that are not licensed to practice law.  

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William E. Maguire
Santa Monica, California

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