Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Season 2012 Greetings !...

Summer Season 2012 Greetings to all our friends and colleagues! We hope you are all having a Great Summer! 
 If you have not yet noticed, we also note that this is the Summer of "Cheap Beach Toys"!   In So. Calif., our beaches are littered with cheap beach toys (small shovels, rakes, sand castle molds, etc.) that break easily and are sold by (illegal/unlicensed) vendors on the beach, at drug stores and the 99 Cent Stores, along with super cheap styrofoam body boards that break very easily. 
Examples of cheap beach toys...
 *** Just another reason to trust in authentic brand named goods and to be aware of what you are buying. For more on trademarks, see the attached link.
 Cowabunga!... and don't forget to wear sunscreen and protective clothing to avoid overexposure to the sun... and wear a helmet if you are going to ride your bike!
 William E. Maguire, Esq.
Los Angeles, California

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